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Buster and the bunnies

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This weekend we got a new planter for the front of our house. It is a pretty cool hand-made wooden turtle that will go great in a corner spot by the door.


Our dog, Buster, seems to think it is his new command fortress for scoping out the bunnies, squirrels, and birds in the front of the house. His arch enemies are the bunnies. In the backyard they will sit outside his window while he is inside starting at them. I'm pretty sure they have declared war against each other.


While sitting in his new command fortress he would see the bunnies on the front lawn and give a little bit of a low growl. Personally I think he was warning them that "I will bring you down, Bunny! I will bring you down to Bacontown! :mad: "



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Does he like bacon? :)

Yes! Beggin' Strips (treats for dogs that look, smell, and supposedly , taste like bacon) are like catnip to him. Plus when we have salads I will put some crumbled bacon bits on top of his regular dog food.

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