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My Top 5 Games iOS/Android

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I have played a lot of games before in my Android and iOS devices. I have decided to come up with my own Top 5 games that I have played over the years. There are a lot of genres in mobile gaming and my favorite is RPG and Simulation. Castles, army, player versus player? A sweet deal that can keep me hours and hours playing.


First is Clash of Clans. A real eye candy. Action packed game with armies! Second is Plants Vs. Zombies. Who can resist the cute plants that can annihilate zombies in a row? Great controls and gameplay. Even a kid can master this game. Kingdoms & Lords running as third in my list. I’m really into making my own kingdom and fight against other players. Fourth would be Royal Revolt. Instead of making defense for your own territory, you will play as the invaders. Really cool story and animation. Again, easy to control and fun to play. Last in my list is Kingdom of Legend aka KOL. This game really summed everything that I want in a Kingdom style game. A thirst quencher if you guys are really into huge kingdoms and building armies. A real strategic and action game. You control all the resources and upgrades of your kingdom. One of the best illustrations of characters and game itself. Great player versus player system. Really built for head bashing players. It is up to you on how you will be running it. Plus it is a new upcoming game. I smell new pioneers of the game. Including me lol.


All you gamers out there, try my Top 5 games and it will satisfy your urge for war supremacy. I’m currently playing Kingdom of Legend right now. Not gonna go away from this game for a while. Got my hands stucked in my phone because of this game. The game might be easy to play, but there are a lot of factors to consider before reaching the top of the player rankings. Enjoy all my games!

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I don't play too many games on my Android phone as it I find the experience limiting due to the screen size and controls. The few games that I do play are usually on my Android tablet and include stuff like My Muppets Show (where you create your own Muppets based stage shows) and Words with Friends.


Part of the problem might be that my hands are just too big for the controls of a game on the small screens. :(

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