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Your mobile game, committed or devoted?


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Is your mobile game becoming like a job or a responsibility? Does it nag your brains out? “Hey, play me! You need to do this or you will miss everything!”. Trust me, I have been in this kind of situation before and I don’t plan to come back to it again. Some of my games can eat my time. If you’re a gamer perfectionist, these kind of games can eat you.

I found a game in some of the gaming portal sites called Kingdom of Legend. I like the style of this game. The events and wars are long, you can rest up if you want to. The rewards are good when you accomplish something in the game and it can support you for a very long time. There will be some “crunch time” during wars but this is pretty much normal to any good game. Overall, I feel relaxed playing it even though this is a war game. Players are accommodating to new players and have a good community.

So let me ask you guys, is your mobile game a nagger or a friend? Do you play your games because you “need to”?

Or are you relaxed like me with the game I play right now?