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kashif ge15

New Member
You need we need to you back shots dries it was you're a bench press a lot of new adventures in the early days then try some suspensions down in tamp where does message me one bomb ended with both arms and then also does make sense on top of theist the bodybuilder to the head go home Bilbao impress out he would museum by the way the shoulders dumbbell Testo XL press is bob dole presses in the front in the back I mean the always did the rear Press behind the neck process the military presses the dumb bus which was then is now called the Arnold Press because there was a certain way that was done in order to recreate the stretch of the front dealt with come down with elbow you not just to hear but the more we down and then the road a doubt go up and did a good deed for Flex in lateral raises in specially bent over lateral raises on the bench that is a 45degree bench this is a specialty the Dover room advanced around this gym and he is this cut out the new phase Booed is still breezy don't have to look sideways..

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