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Waitrose adds vegan bacon to its stores for the first time

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Waitrose adds vegan bacon to its stores for the first time


Your vegan Full English awaits (Picture: Waitrose)

Vegans who miss bacon and want an alternative to satisfy old cravings may be interested in facon – fake bacon.

Waitrose has launched its first own-label facon to cater to those on a plant-based diet.

You can now get your hands on smoky streaky slices made from seitan (which is made from gluten, the main protein of wheat).

Waitrose is hoping to encourage non-meat eaters to grab the stuff for a vegan fry-up or a facon sandwich.

The latest addition to the vegan has is said to have a rich earthy flavour and it’s been cured in maple syrup to add a hint of sweetness.

The move from Waitrose & Partners comes after an increase in demand for top-quality vegan products.

Waitrose reported that sales for the overall vegan category are up 35% compared to last year.

And specific searches for vegan bacon on Waitrose.com have seen a 94% increase.

So good news for anyone who’s been looking for it, your reward awaits.


Vegan Laksa Noodles are also part of the new range (Picture: Waitrose)

Other new additions to the vegan range include a mushroom & roasted garlic ravioli.

There will also be three new vegan ready meals: vegetable laksa noodles, Goan vegetable curry and a roasted butternut squash vegetable bowl ‘Gill Sans’.

Simona Cohen-Vida, vegan product developer at Waitrose & Partners said: ‘Making delicious, innovative and great quality vegan products is a huge part of what we do.

‘Our vegan bacon strips have been carefully smoked to get a deep rich flavour and the spices used with the seitan makes them perfect for frying.

‘Try them in a sandwich with lashings of tomato sauce or pop them on top of your favourite vegan burger for the ultimate Friday night feast.’

The vegan bacon streak should hopefully revolutionise the Full English. Because let’s face it, some folks are getting vegan versions of the classic so, so wrong.

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