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This Bacon Mac Lasagna is a masterpiece of food layering

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This Bacon Mac Lasagna is a masterpiece of food layering

Bacon X macaroni X cheese = Perfection (Picture: The Vulgar Chef)

Love bacon? Love lasagna? Love mac ‘n’ cheese? Love all three? Then this is the dish for you.

And lucky for us, its creator The Vulgar Chef has revealed how you can make his Bacon Mac Lasagna at home. Hallelujah.

Living up to his moniker, his recipe is pretty profanity-filled.

He first describes how to make the bacon lattice: ‘I sliced one pound of Hormel bacon in half and made a few bacon weaves. 6 slices per weave and cooked the t*ts out of it.’

And then it’s all about ‘stacking this b*tch up.’

‘Sauce, bacon, mac, repeat. Toss some cheese on top and broil on low until it’s all melty,’ he instructs.

Now, we’re pretty bowled over by this dish which comprises pretty much all of favourite food groups (cheese, bacon and pasta count as food groups, right?), but it’s his ingenious bacon lattices which have us most in awe.

A breakthrough in bacon (Picture: The Vulgar Chef)

Just imagine what you could do with them. You could make bacon sandwiches where your meat actually covers all of the bread’s surface area. Or, even better, build a fry-up tower held together by your crispy, salty meat weaves.

In fact, the possibilities are endless. Can someone out there make The Vulgar Chef’s call for bacon companies to ‘sell pre-packaged bacon weaves’ a reality, please?

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