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Say It In Bacon - cool custom designs


Code Monkey
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I created this new site..
You can create your own designs from a bacon font

Tell me what you guys think, i am open to suggestions
You're off to a good start! For online use I think people might like the option of a cropped image with no border & a transparent background.


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meged sherzer

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WOW.. Thanks buldog67 that is great to hear.
what design did you order for your lad ?
I'd love to see the final result.. do you think you can upload a photo of him wearing it, here or on the say it in bacon facebook page ?


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Yeah of course, altho he wont get it until Xmas. It says The Human Dustbin :D

He isnt a big lad but any bacon or bacon rind left on someone's plate (he has 3 brothers with smaller appetites) he hoovers it up so as a family joke we call the Human Dustbin


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Please take this as constructive criticism but the wording (bacon) needs to be bigger - my lad only triggered it was done in bacon once I pointed it out to him, and TBH it still doesnt look like bacon.
Also he really aint big, I will get a pic sorted, but the T-shirt was 2yrs above his age and I had to give it to him now rather than xmas to ensure it fits.
Other than that :) it made the whole family laugh so was well worth the money