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Old Bay Seasoning


Code Monkey
Staff member
I might have an addiction to Old Bay Seasoning. :cautious:

For those familiar with it, you already know what I mean. For those familiar with it, it is a seasoning mix sent to us by divine intervention. It started life over 70 years ago in the Baltimore, Maryland, region as a seasoning for crabs & shrimp. In the years since it has gained a devoted following who has put in everything.

Hamburgers, french fries, chicken... it goes good with it all. I've even tried it on vanilla ice cream. :D Yep, Old Bay on some quality vanilla bean ice cream and it tasted great. It also tastes great on potato chips.

Recently in our area some stores have been carrying Herrs potato chips pre-seasons with Old Bay! :woot: The mix on the Herrs chips tastes the same as seasoning in the can but I think the mix is slightly different because the chips are a much finer grain of ingredients, almost a dusting versus the large grain of the spices in the can. That likely explains why the seasoning stays on the chips rather than coming off like would happen if you seasoned your own chips at home.

Anybody else have an Old Bay addiction? :D