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Hey Everyone,
Im new here to the forum. Just wanted to send some greetings from East Lansing Michigan. Also wanted to post some pics of my brothers and my latest bacon recipie. You can see a bunch of our other stuff at http://artisanbros.blogspot.com but these pics below are of our homemade pecan wet cured bacon. ENJOY and thanks for having me!

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That looks absolutely delicious! Did you go with a thick or thin cut when it came time to eating it?


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Welcome! We just made homemade bacon too. We used Ruhlman's recipe from Charcuterie and it was excellent but I had a very hard time cooking/frying it without it browning too quickly. Even with it getting this brown though I noticed that it just tasted like browned meat, not burnt, bitter, nasty fat like the commercial stuff, so despite this darker color, it tasted great: homecured.jpg

Admittedly, I'm a bit nutty about my bacon cooking, I even made a video:
it can also be found here with the associated blog post: http://pixfiz.blogspot.com/2014/02/baconology.html

The first batch of homemade was nearly impossible to manage even at low heat, so I tried adding a cup of water to the pan the second time around. This seemed to work a bit better. Curious if you had any issues with frying it?

The difference in flavor from home-cured and smoked vs store bought is astounding. I made Oscar Meyer side by side that morning for an egg bake recipe (not wanting to use the 'good' bacon in the casserole) and the Oscar Meyer had a noticeable chemical-like aftertaste that had never stood out before in all the bacon experiments I've done. I doubt it is recognizable unless there is a side-by-side comparison, but that has been my experience with comparing bacon anyway, the subtle differences are lost unless they finish at the same time, I only met a few bacons I didn't like. ;)

I signed up to follow your blog as we are also fans of meat smoking (and pizza making in a WFO) but our latest interest is sausage; can't wait!

Look forward to more bacon posts!
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