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Maken Bacon


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Hello Peeps, New to the Bacon lovers forum. Me and my wife love bacon so we decided to make our own out of a 5lb Pork belly, Salted , koshersalt, brown sugar, and black pepper, and pink curing salt. it for 7 days, then smoked it with apple chips, Taste great, but tastes just like ham. Is this normal for home made bacon?, or did I do something wrong?


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Hey David. I think I know your problem! A good rule of thumb is to cure the pork belly for 2 days/lb of raw meat. 7 days would not be enough time to properly cure a 5lb belly. I would think that the moisture removed in the last 3 days would make it taste less like ham. Also, if your belly was lean, there is a good chance that might have contributed to the ham-like taste. Bacon has its unique taste because of the fat...as I always say "fat is where the flava is". I wrote an article a while back about how to cure pork belly, you can check it out for a few tips & tricks to make sure your final product comes out right next time! http://www.whatisbacon.com/diy-bacon-how-to-cure-a-pork-belly/