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Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs


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[float_right]http://blog.lehighvalleylive.com/today_impact/2008/09/large_mascots.JPG[/float_right]The Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs are a Philadelphia Phillies baseball AAA farm team and their mascots are "Iron Pigs". In 2012 they were ranked by Forbes magazine as the second most valuable franchise in Minor League Baseball. The name came about because their host city, Allentown Pennsylvania, used to be a huge steel producing area. The Iron Pigs name is a reference to pig iron, used in the manufacturing of steel, for which the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania is world-renowned. Their mascots are a giant male pig named Ferrous, derived from the Fe chemical name for iron, and a female pig named FeFe. :piggy:

The team and their pig themed mascots have become hugely popular with the local baseball fans. The entire stadium, Coca Cola Park - Home of the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, was built for them new in 2008 and has pig related themes to it everywhere you look.

The kids fan club are called the Iron Piglets Club, the street address of the stadium is Iron Pigs Way, retired fans can belong to the Silver Pigs Club, their girls dance team are named the Ironettes, and the names of their shops & places to eat are all pig themed as well. The even have secondary mascots in the shape of a bacon slice :cool: named "Chris P. Bacon", ham, slice, a hot dog on a bun, and a pulled pork sandwich. You can get bacon put on top of nearly anything from any of the food vendors. Their bacon themed merchandise is hugely popular with both sports fans and bacon fans. Between innings they provide entertainment with "As the Bacon Turns", a soap opera spoof.

[/float_left]It is a fun theme that the fans have fun with. Of course somebody had to find a problem with it.

A billboard recently went up in the Allentown area from the "Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine" (PCRM) that is trying to get bacon banned from ballparks. They compare bacon to cigarettes. :facepalm:

Their defense is that they are not against the Iron Pigs specifically, just against the "glorification" of bacon and processed meats.

The ball team has already responded. Seeing the opportunity in front of them, they have started using the hashtag #saveourbacon while posting bacon recipes, nutritional information about bacon, and fans rants. They responded directly to the PCRM noting that health food choices can be found at the stadium for those that are really looking for it and their affiliation with several local hospitals & medical groups.

"We are not in the business or habit of dictating to people what they should or shouldn't eat or how parents should raise their children," the letter says. "We believe the good people of the Lehigh Valley are more than capable of deciding for themselves what they (and their children) would like to eat."

They also invited somebody from the PCRM to come up to Pennsylvania to throw the first-pitch of a game. With the PCRM in Florida and after publicity more than results it is doubtful that they'll accept the invitation.

OK, on to the important stuff. You can find several bacon themed items in the Iron Pigs online shop including t-shirts, caps, and and various other things. :D


Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs Minor League Baseball
MiLB Official Site: http://www.ironpigsbaseball.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LHVIronPigs
Twitter: @IronPigs
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... and, yes, I do happen to have an Iron Pigs bacon baseball cap. :D They are actually pretty cool because at first glance you just see the bacon but if you look closely you can see an "iron pigs" watermark in the bacon slice. I picked mine up a few weeks ago when I was there for a game.

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