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Diverse Friends


Code Monkey
Staff member
I have a pretty diverse group of friends in both the Real World and online. One of the things I like about them all is that they end to be different from each other. Never was that more apparent when today I logged in Facebook and saw these reactions to today's US Supreme Court ruling on Federal mandated healthcare (eg: "Obamacare"). Names & avatars have been masked to protect the innocent. :giggle:

(OK, I found it funny at least. :X3: I am tempted to someday throw a massive get-together to bring everybody together so I can sit back and watch the ensuing chaos.)


Ham & Eggs lover
It's so fascinating that people think health care is an attack of the constitution and peoples freedom. Also it's fascinating that some US people treat this old peace of paper like the holy grail. As my personal opinion a constitution is something which could/should envolve during the time.