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Bacon: Not as bad for you health as you might think

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When trying to eat healthier, foods such as bacon is often thought of as something that you need to cut from your diet. A recent study shows that may not be totally accurate.

When choosing between a low-carb diet versus a low-fat diet, which would include the reduction of bacon, the study suggests that both diets will produce a weight loss but that there is not necessarily a gain by choosing one over the other.

Before starting any diet you should always refer to your family doctor since your existing health factor might play a part in what type of diet is best for you. If you are just looking to eat a little healthier though, give up those carbs before giving up the bacon!

AARP said:
You may be able to occasionally indulge in steaks and bacon and eggs cooked in butter and still not damage your arteries, according to a study's findings.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University randomly assigned 46 obese men and women age 30 to 65 and to one of two diet and exercise programs for six months. Participants in the low-carb group ate a diet consisting of no more than 30% of calories from carbs (pasta, bread and fruit), and 40% from fats (dairy, nuts and meats).

In the other group test subjects ate a low-fat diet made up of no more than 30% of calories from fat and 55% from carbs. Both groups did aerobic and resistance exercise three times a week.

In two tests (one of endothelial function, which may predict heart attack and strokes, and one of arterial stiffness) taken after the participants lost 10 pounds, neither group showed any adverse effects on vascular health. However, it took the low-fat group longer to lose ten pounds: an average 70 days, compared with an average 45 days for the high-fat group.
Full Article: AARP