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Welcome, friends, to the Bacon Forum! :cool:

The Bacon Forum is a free community for everybody, in particular for those who enjoy bacon. Whether it is cooking bacon, eating bacon, smelling bacon, or sharing bacon with your friends there is nothing quite like bacon to make life a little bit happier. Post your favorite bacon jokes, your favorite bacon recipes, your bacon tips, or anything else that comes to mind about bacon.

If for some odd reason you do not enjoy that meat candy known as bacon as much as the rest of us you are still welcome to join in! Feel free to chat in the forums and catch up with your friends, old & new alike!

Our community was founded by several free-spirited bacon loving oddballs and we invite you to come join us. Let us know what you think in our Feedback & Suggestions forum. Don't be shy, post what is on your mind. ;)

So grab some bacon to snack on, pour yourself a drink, pull up a chair, sit back, and enjoy.
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