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  1. Bonnibel June

    Welcome to the Bacon Forum!

    Hi everyone! I love bacon :)
  2. Bonnibel June

    Transform Boring Broccoli into an Amazing Dish With Bacon!

    Who's not into broccoli? If that's you then there's surely one way to make you like it by cooking it with bacon. Yes! Bacon+Broccoli :) I found it on baconutopia.com Here's how to do it: Figure one big bunch of broccoli for 3 or 4 people. You will need to chop it down a bit and discard the...
  3. Bonnibel June

    I love bacon <3

    I love bacon <3
  4. Bonnibel June

    The Scientific Explanation for Bacon's Appeal

    Hi guys, I'm new in this group and I'm glad to be a part of it :) I would like to share about the scientific explanation for bacon's appeal if you haven't heard of it. I read about it on baconutopia.com and it's really interesting. No wonder we all love bacon! :D