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  1. Kevin

    Dayne’s Craft Barbecue’s “Bacon Brisket” and Sausages Are Worth the Wait - Texas Monthly

    They looks incredibly good! Unfortunately in this part of the US most BBQ places are national chains, not many local places. If/when I travel South again I will be making a point of visiting some of these does m spots.
  2. Kevin

    East Texas Ag News: Americans eating more bacon - KTRE

    We need to work on those remaining 3 out of 10!πŸ‘
  3. Kevin

    Site updates - Jan 2020

    We've got our new XF theme up & running! :cool: Based on our custom theme at our sister sci-fi site, Alien Soup, we'll be making tweaks to it as we go to make it more 'baconized'. More bacon is always a good thing! :D
  4. Kevin

    BLT Egglets -- Mini BLT sandwiches made with eggs?!

    I'm pretty sure I would need about a dozen of these! 🀣
  5. Kevin

    Site updates - Jan 2020

    New year, new changes! We had been playing with the notion of switching our forum software from XenForo to Invision but, proving that the grass isn't always greener on the other side, the more we dug into into the more we realized that XenForo is a better fit. Now back to the bacon! πŸ₯“
  6. Kevin

    Waitrose adds vegan bacon to its stores for the first time

    Are there no restrictions on what can be called "bacon"?!
  7. Kevin

    Oscar Mayer and Ryan Newman Bring Home the Bacon; Advance to Playoffs

    It better be a car with just pictures of bacon all over it! :LOL:
  8. Kevin

    Aldi launches ‘Chilli Chubbies’ sausages infused with jalapeno, sriracha and habenero

    Those actually look & sound good! I wonder if the US Aldi stores will be carrying them? πŸ€”
  9. Kevin

    Oscar Mayer Opens the Wienermobile for Overnight Stays on Airbnb

    It's a shame that's just a one-time stunt in Chicago; if they offered that near me I'd have already booked it! :D
  10. Kevin

    American restaurant Arby’s creates the ‘Marrot’ – a carrot made out of turkey meat

    I like turkey. I like carrots. I'm not seeing the problem here. :D If they actually offered this thing for sale in their stores I'd try it.
  11. Kevin

    The McDonald’s bacon roll has been voted the best on the high street

    Hey, how come we don't get this in the US?!
  12. Kevin

    Site Updates!

    Wow, it's been some time since we've been in here working on updates and it's time. Tonight the site has been updated to the latest version of XenForo forum software and in the days ahead we'll continue updating other stuff that is needed, like switching to HTTPS and a bunch of other little...
  13. Kevin

    Pringles have gone Christmassy with a new limited edition pigs in blankets flavour

    Those look like they'd be.... interesting.... to try. :piggy:
  14. Kevin

    Broccoli Flan

    So, today I have found out that I do not like Broccoli Flan. :wtf: I'm not sure what exactly "flan" is so I decided to try it. It had a creamy texture but not much flavor; if anything, it reminded me a very weak flavored vanilla pudding but thicker in consistency. You have to try new...
  15. Kevin

    Chicken in a Biskit

    Did anybody else know that there is actual chicken in Chicken in a Biskit crackers from Nabisco? :wideyed: I had always assumed that the flavoring was entirely artificial so I was surprised to read the actual list of ingredients... Unbleached enriched flour (wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron...
  16. Kevin

    Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs

    ... and, yes, I do happen to have an Iron Pigs bacon baseball cap. :D They are actually pretty cool because at first glance you just see the bacon but if you look closely you can see an "iron pigs" watermark in the bacon slice. I picked mine up a few weeks ago when I was there for a game.
  17. Kevin

    Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs

    The Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs are a Philadelphia Phillies baseball AAA farm team and their mascots are "Iron Pigs". In 2012 they were ranked by Forbes magazine as the second most valuable franchise in Minor League Baseball. The name came about because their host city, Allentown Pennsylvania...
  18. Kevin

    Burger Sauce

    I recently came across the pic below of an "Irish Breakfast". What caught my attention was not the alcohol but the bottle on the table labeled "Burger Sauce". What the heck is Burger Sauce? :unsure: Is that mustard in there or something else?
  19. Kevin

    Bacon Plush Doll

    Gone already?