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  1. If he did it wouldn't be spam ;)
  2. Sorry spammers, wrong part of the pig for you :P
  3. Sorry you fail at bacon, there isn't enough on the plate :P
  4. I've never tried beer with bacon before, sounds interesting :)
  5. And you lot call us strange with what we call stuff :P
  6. I just bung a lot of tunes I like into a play list, so I've got quite an eclectic taste :)
  7. Then watch the mound of snow collapse on your bacon :P
  8. I think his girlfriend must've killed him, he's not posted since :D
  9. This is a bacon forum, not a stalking forum :P
  10. Not a movie quote: "Bacon: 8 out of 10 owners said their cats preferred it" :D - Whiskas
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