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  1. Nothing and I mean nothing will ever beat the microsoft commercials (even though most of them get banned) they are simply awesome with the following being one of my favs LMAO
  2. I received mine the day after az but haven't really be using it alot. The OS is nice, smooth. But I have a couple of sticking points. The headphone connector is at the bottom of the tablet where the usb power goes so if your like me that likes to watch netflix in bed and you connect it to a dock your not going to be able to use ear/head phones. Another little issue i don't like in landscape mode the chrome browser wont switch to landscape same with gmail which means you'll have to scroll horizontally to read it. More so if images within the e-mail are included. Overall though there is some kind of connector on the side so I assume and rumor has it that asus are building a new docking station that can sit horizontally which would mean the headphones can be used. That's just rumour though and something i read in a members post at xda-developers. Overall. The screen/picture is crisp. Sound is good and movie playback very smooth. So speed isn't an issue with this tablet. I haven't tried any kindle app out yet because i don't have any books from amazon. But I like the tablet it's great for checking my e-mail but I'm finding that I'm not using it as much as I first anticipated but my netflix works which is good so I'm happy.
  3. how much would you be paying for a slab of bacon that size?
  4. Just out of curiosity. How much would that slab of bacon cost in the states, in the image?
  5. I think if i were to cook bacon the extreme way I'd look at the Manhattan project for inspiration. i'd want to Shoot some tnt into some uranium atoms when we next have a BBQ, Granted, all of us will be dead and burnt to ash but i guess respecting the bacon takes priority. Kamikaze bacon I'd like to call it. ;)
  6. I think it may change my mind about mobile devices which I have never been too fond of so I'll let you know how this one goes when it arrives. *urges google to start shipping early*
  7. Knowing Forsaken he'll be hatching up schemes and plotting on numerous ways of annoying her. Some people would call that being a jerk, me? a redeeming quality. :)
  8. *starts to bookmark apps and books that I'll be purchasing* Reading more about the nexus 7 it's definitely getting a lot of good reviews. Personally, i think this is a good thing google bringing out a low cost tablet and it's going to make the other tablet manufacturers re-think their pricing strategy. Could this be the start of low cost tablets at an affordable price for the consumer?
  9. I'd say your going to make your GF and/or wife a happy lady. (y)
  10. I'd have no issues, no issues at all sucking on those balls.
  11. A fully fledged, fully functional smiley manager? *watches Liam run away* :LOL:
  12. I'm not to fussed about the lack of a sd/micro sd slot. I wanting to use it primarily for netflix and streaming on youtube (I watch alot of documentary's) so i think the size is perfect and the tablet will be adequate for what I want to use it for. I would have thought they would have thrown in a case but it looks like you need to purchase one which at this time is unavailable to the uk. But eitherway i'm not fussed it's a good price and I went for the 16gig model.
  13. So what are your thoughts on this tablet which will be using the latest OS codename: Jellybean? Looking at the tech specs I think it'll be a good seller myself and I definitely see it as rivaling the kindle fire. I've just placed an order for one so quite eager to see it in action when it arrives. So what do you think? Link: https://www.google.co.uk/nexus/#/
  14. I know what I'm having for dinner tonight. :sneaky:
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