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  1. From Jagermeister USA's facebook wall...
  2. Check out the new Discovery Channel channel "Destination America" next weekend for the premiere of the "United States of Bacon" - a show dedicated to bacon! http://blogs.ocweekly.com/stickaforkinit/2012/04/discovery_slaters_bacon.php
  3. The entire movie "Babe." It should just be called "Future Bacon."
  4. The only time I used pre-cook bacon was with my "egg mcmuffin" maker thing. There is a tray to heat up pre-cooked bacon or other meat. It actually is usually pretty good.
  5. It saddens me when manufacturers get SO CLOSE to a GREAT product but leave one the one or two essential features and wind up with a mediocre product instead. The lack of an SD card is definitely the Achilles heal of this tablet and the number one reason I will not order one. Verizon and other mobile companies are moving away from unlimited and unrestricted data plans jeopardizing the "cloud" storage model- why waste a gig of data listening to streaming music when I could have put my entire mp3 collection on half an SD card? I hope they fix this in the next version but that is going to be a long time to wait in the tablet world.
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