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  1. I have only ever seen your sort of bacon sold here once, and it was called American Bacon then. Mostly you get either the whole deal, which is the part you eat still attached to the round bit... or just the round bit. I love those ones, with your bit still attached and all the fat and rind, but I don't buy it as it is too fatty. This is what I buy, just the round bit :p
  2. recipe here... http://www.mangojacks.com/index.php?threads/maple-bacon-cupcakes.811/#post-3946
  3. We call it soft drink or fizzy drink here in Australia :)
  4. Hey all, thought I would share with you the deliciousness that is the Maple bacon cupcakes I just made! :D They are my own recipe which I will post on my own site and link here in a bit, but wanted to get the images up for you to drool over! :D hehehe *evil* They are gooood too! Sorry about the watermark, but it's necessary with food, people claim other's stuff all the time! >_<
  5. You'd love it, let's get real :p That is also what we call bacon here in Australia. You don't see the sort you call bacon in America here, unless it is attached to the round eye part as well, but not on it's own. I personally don't buy it coz the fat content is too high (even though I love it!)
  6. Kevin

    Greetings! :)

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