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    Our first spammer!

    Million dollar question: Did he spam about bacon?
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    'Merica Burger - 100% Ground Bacon with bacon on top

    Wow, if I add steamed rice to each ingredient I have several entrees.
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    If Humans tasted Like Bacon

    I know this is Bologna sausage, but I imagine that people tasting like bacon would go something like this: And yes, I am sharing a clip from Invader Zim again.
  4. Medora

    Bacon quotations

    Here is Thomas Jefferson mentioning bacon in his fantasy of the good life: Letter to Alexander Donald, 7 February 1788 :)
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    'Merica Burger - 100% Ground Bacon with bacon on top

    Well, maybe not Slater, but I actually read about a food competition in Texas where a food dish consisted of fried butter with butter on top. Here is the relevant article:
  6. Medora

    'Merica Burger - 100% Ground Bacon with bacon on top

    If you get the Texas version, they fry it in butter then pour butter on top.
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    Bacon quotations

    Are we members allowed to give suggestions for the bacon quotations display on the Forums page? If yeah, is there a topic for it (or can this one serve as it)? I have a favorable mention of bacon by Thomas Jefferson.
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    Movie quotes that should have involved bacon?

    I remember the spam joke on Whose Line? for that famous line from Gone with the Wind, and it makes me think, Frankly, my dear, I don't give a bacon.