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    USA 2012 Election: Obama or Romney

    I'm thinking about voting for bacon
  2. Brandon

    USA 2012 Election: Obama or Romney

    That would be a sad sad life with no bacon :(
  3. Brandon

    USA 2012 Election: Obama or Romney

    How's everyone doing on the bacon forums. Just stopped by to vote and say hi! :)
  4. Brandon

    The Bacon LOL Thread

    Thank you, Thank you very much
  5. Brandon

    I just had to join

    Welcome @Mark.B...acon :)
  6. Brandon

    The Pet Thread

    Here is mine, no bacon around at the time of the picture
  7. Brandon

    Bacon: How It's Made

    ah, yes it looks like it's sliced You may be able to call them to get a uncut slab :)
  8. Brandon

    Bacon is.... ?

    bacon is delicious!
  9. Brandon

    My little Suggestion.....

    I voted no as well ;)
  10. Brandon

    Bacon: How It's Made

    well the site says $30 not sure what it would cost to ship it I'm 40 minutes away from that place :p
  11. Brandon

    Debug for admins only

    FYI.. Adding that line will hide the info in the footer but if you know the setup for the thread debug info, you can still access it.
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    Bacon CANDY!

    I like bacon but I think I'd pass on any candy flavored bacon :p
  13. Brandon

    Bacon: How It's Made

    I worked for a company back in High School that made a lot of meats, bacon was one of them. I never "worked" on that line, but I was close and could see the process. Here is their website along with a picture :) http://www.fanestils.com/products/assorted-packages/bacon-sampler/ That place...