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Pig Candy

Discussion in 'Bacon Recipes' started by southernlady, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. southernlady

    southernlady New Member

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    Pig Candy 101

    You must have proper pans to make it or your screwed :) The bacon must be elevated so the grease and excess melted sugar can drip down off the bacon so it gets crispy. I use both a broiler pan covered in foil (both pieces) with holes pokes in the slits and the second is a jelly roll pan ... with a cookie cooling rack over it.

    Heat oven to 350

    Pig Candy .... 2 ingredients!

    Bacon (thick or thin depending on your preference)
    Brown Sugar (I use light but many use dark ... and I've heard people use brown sugar splenda too)

    Dredge bacon to coat as best as you can.

    Lay bacon next to each other on the prepared pans.

    You can sprinkle a little extra sugar on if you want .... or sprinkle a little cayenne pepper if you like Sweet Salty and Hot :)

    Bake at 350 for 25 mins or so. You can decide when to take it out. I enjoy it out earlier ... it doesn't get as crispy and the sugar stays a little "sticky" .... AND ... I enjoy leaving it in long ... watching it doesn't burn though which produces a crunchy bacon and the sugar hardens once cooled to a crackle candy caramelized around wonderful bacon goodness :)

    Plan on making a bunch because you will be eating it warm :)
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  2. Kevin

    Kevin Code Monkey Staff Member

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    Sounds quite good! :cool:
  3. SmokeyBaconBitch

    SmokeyBaconBitch Administrator Staff Member

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    What were you thinking? :ROFLMAO:
  4. southernlady

    southernlady New Member

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    Doing a copy and paste from elsewhere...and since it is a correctly spelled word, it didn't pick it up, LOL
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  5. marriedtobacon

    marriedtobacon New Member

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    I love pig candy! I wrote an article about it on my site a bit back. I will provide the link at the end of this reply. My trick is to use a soft bristled brush, dip it in a viscous sweetener like honey or agave nectar, coat the strips, and then sprinkle on the cayenne/chili/brown sugar. So. damn. delicious. http://www.whatisbacon.com/man-candy-recipe-how-to-make-sweet-spicy-bacon/

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