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Bacon plus Kingdom of Legend

Discussion in 'Bacon Talk' started by KhloeCook, Jun 17, 2014.

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    device. The game has a chat system that allows the players to communicate with each other and a referral system that can give players incentives by inviting their friends!

    The game also have a lot of features that is wonderful. You have union chat and the union master can send notifications for the members of the union. National Flags of different countries can also be used to represent a union!

    There are lot of events in the game that all the players can join. There is an individual event in which you can win up to $100 worth of in-game currency. It is called the Palladium War, it requires you to defeat players that belongs to a different Palladium. There are 4 Palladium spirits in which your character belongs, the Sun, the Moon, the Star and the Wind.

    The schedules of wars are consistent in the game and special rewards are given to the winners. The structures in the game also changes everytime it reaches a certain level.

    The Game has good graphics and good illustration of the Soldiers that you can use for waging war with different players.

    Bacon is good while playing this game. It is very relaxing and yummy bacon on the side!

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