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Bacon Bourbon Cocktails

Discussion in 'Bacon Recipes' started by marriedtobacon, Jul 1, 2013.

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    I am in the middle of releasing a series of meal-themed bacon bourbon cocktail how-to's. First, you need to learn how to make bacon bourbon. We just released my favorite so far which is a BLT Bacon Bourbon Cocktail, and here is how to make it:
    • Bacon Bourbon (3 parts)
    • V8 Original (3 parts)
    • Horseradish (1 tbsp shaved)
    • Worcestershire Sauce (dash)
    • Lettuce Ice Cubes (fill cup)
    • Salt (dash)
    • Lemon Pepper (dash)
    • Lime (1/4 lime)
    • Cherry Tomato (2)
    • Avocado (1 slice)


    1. Make Lettuce Ice Cubes, Fill Serving Glass (Shred a few leaves of lettuce into an ice cube tray, fill the tray with water and leave in the freezer)
    2. Squeeze 1/4 lime into the shaker
    3. Add shaved horseradish to the shaker and muddle
    4. Add 3 parts Bacon Bourbon to shaker
    5. Add 3 parts V8 Original to shaker
    6. Add a dash of Worcestershire Sauce to shaker
    7. Add a dash of lemon pepper, a dash of salt
    8. Shake well and pour
    9. Sandwich a slice of avocado with 2 cherry tomatoes for garnish & Serve!

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