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New Profile Posts

  1. Bonnibel June
    Bonnibel June
    I love bacon <3
  2. LindaJAne
    Bacon vs bacon
  3. ScentedCandleMan
    Scented candles are great and all... but bacon scented candles? life is now complete!
  4. annahoward29
    Angel of mine.
  5. LuizSilvaCavalca
    You are my religion.
  6. Kevin
    Kevin Bulldog67
    Welcome to the Bacon Forum! :)
    1. Bulldog67
      Much appreciated mate
      Oct 10, 2012
  7. President
    Bacon mmmhhh.
  8. MichaelDance
    MichaelDance BaconBitch
    Wowee Shelly nice forum and name :D x
  9. Chris Deeming
    Chris Deeming BaconBitch
    Can my name be changed to Chris Deeming please? :p
    1. BaconBitch
      It sure can chris. Great to see you here. :) Let us know if you want a custom title also. :) welcome to baconforums
      Jul 19, 2012
    2. BaconBitch
      I not it :P
      Jul 19, 2012
  10. Kevin
    Microsoft .net coding might be the death of me yet.
  11. Kevin
    Heat... can't escape... heat... breathe... won't survive summer... need air conditioner... heat... aaaaggghhhh...
  12. Kevin
    Kevin Mark.B...acon
    Nice play on the username! :D
  13. Kevin
    Kevin spudmonkee
    Howdy! Welcome to Bacon Forum! :)
  14. Kevin
    Kevin Ryan
    Ryan, thanks for joining our band of mischievous bacon fanatics! :)
    1. Ryan likes this.
  15. Kevin
    Kevin nitramburcon
    Welcome to the Bacon Forum! :)
  16. Kevin
    Kevin sharon warriner
    Welcome to the Bacon Forum! :)
  17. southernlady
    I have a bacon attitude!
    1. Kevin
      .... and there is nothing wrong with that! Some of those recipes will be on my "Experiment To Do List" this summer. :)
      Jul 2, 2012
  18. SmokeyBaconBitch
    SmokeyBaconBitch nitramburcon
    Nice play on the name LOL
  19. Kevin
    Kevin Chris Deeming
    Aloha! What's your favorite bacon?
    1. Chris Deeming
      Chris Deeming
      ALL OF IT!
      Jul 19, 2012
  20. Kevin
    Kevin Qwk86gn
    Greetings! May the bacon be with you!
    1. Qwk86gn
      Thanks, I think about bacon at least once a day :p
      Jul 10, 2012